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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We love you Tucker!

Ryan and I spent our first weekend apart this weeked as a married couple. I went to be a maid of honor for my best friend, Julie's wedding in Texas this weekend while Ryan spent the weekend at the beach with his parent's and brother adam since he couldnt get off work in time to go to Texas with me. When we returned from our trips we got the sad news that Tucker had not been doing well over the weekend while my sister had been watching him. He wasn't eating very well, which is not like Tucker at all. His health got really bad Monday night and he was having a lot of trouble breathing and wouldn't eat much at all. By Tuesday morning he was really having trouble breathing and wouldn't eat much. When I got home tonight he couldn't walk out of his crate and I had to carry him to the car. I took him to see his favorite girls at the vet. He of course, in his normal Tucker fashion ate up all the attention they were giving him but we could all tell how uncomfortable he was. He had xrays done and they showed us that the cancer had spread all over his lungs, a tumor was pressing on his trachia and esophogus which was making it hard for him to eat or breath. Poor thing put up a tough front until he just couldnt handle it any more. Ryan was at the fire station but had told me earlier in the day that if it was bad he didnt want him to suffer just so he could be there. So I could tell it was time to let him be at peace and stop suffering. Poor Doctor Murphy was about as upset as I was! They have all taken such good care of him and believed in him when other vets didn't and took chances on him when other vets advised not to. They were his angels here on earth. Now he is up in heaven with Maggie and he is waiting on us.
He started out as Ryan's dog, he was with Ryan before I was but he touched so many of us and brought so much laughter and joy into our lives. I always joked that I stole him from Ryan. Ill never forget him running circles in the field chasing the model air planes Ryan was flying or playing in the snow or the way he would sleep on his back with his paws in the air or how his eye brows would move all the time. My favorite memory of him is when we took him to the beach right after his leg was amputated and he just rolled in the sand like it was the best feeling ever. I am so glad that he got to do all that. He was such an amazing boy and we miss him so much already. Poor Hoyt doesn't know what to do without him. That was his buddy. When I came home tonight without Tucker Gracie and Hoyt both sat still beside me while I fed them and ate very quietly without fighting over food and were very calm and stuck to my side the entire night. I don't know if this is true but they really did seem to know that something was wrong and that I needed some extra comfort. The calmness in them is something completely unusual.

We love you and miss you Tucker!

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