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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wedding Date

So we finally have a wedding date. May 2, 2009. We have been thinking about that date for a while but wanted to make sure we could have our pastor Ty perform the service. We are so excited! We can't wait to see everyone! We are going to have the wedding and reception out at Ryan's parents house, it is going to be so beautiful! Hopefully we will be getting the save the date cards out soon, we are going to have Ryan's sister-in-law (and my matron of honor) take our pictures for the save the date card, she does a GREAT job and they are going to be beautiful! We are busy picking vendors for the wedding and thankfully so far all the vendors we have met with are free that day. I picked out the dress yesterday! Thanks so much to my mom, Nancy, Emily and Kim for helping me make my decision and being there for moral support! Also, a neat little bit of information... our wedding will be on Kentucky Derby Day!!

Below are some of the pictures she took of us! She is great!

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