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Monday, January 26, 2009

News on Tucker

Well, the biopsy came back positive for osteosarcoma, one of the most common bone cancers in dogs. Tomorrow Tucker is going to have his leg amputated and then he is going to recover a few days at the vet and if they feel like it has not spread to his lungs he will get started on some Chemo. If it has spread to his lungs he will just get to come home and enjoy the rest of his time with us! This is not going to cure him. He will still have cancer. Unfortunately osteosarcoma is a very fast spreading cancer. We would never allow Tucker to suffer but as of right now he is the same old Tucker, when I went to visit he was running around his kennel and jumping up on me (balancing on his only good back leg!)It was a hard decision to make but as the vet told us, "he is doing really well on three legs now!" It helps a lot that our vet is so supportive. They are coming in early tomorrow to do Tuckers surgery! No one can tell us how long he will last with this but they can tell us that amputating his leg will help him live a better quality life and will take away the pain he is experiencing now. All I know is that me and Ryan together can do a lot of spoiling in that time!

We will keep you updated!

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