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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Please pray for our Tuck Man

Hi everyone, I know I have been terrible in adding posts lately. We have had a ton of stuff going on and it seems I never have a chance to sit down and add posts.

I promise this weekend I will add a bunch of new posts with pictures for them.

Right now Ryan and I are having a tough time. Our dog (technically it was his dog before we met, but its a big joke that I have stolen him from Ryan) Tucker was playing in the yard on Monday with our other dogs and my moms dog and all of a sudden he started yelping and howling. His left rear leg was just hanging. Ryan and I immediately took him to Union Cross Animal Hospital where I used to work (they are so great!). Dr. Murphy and all the girls took him back and tried to get an xray. They couldn't get a great shot because he was in so much pain but they could see that he had broken his femur. They took some blood work and the next day sedated him and were able to get a better xray. They could see that he had broken his femur completely and had bone fragments in the leg. None of the doctors there could understand how he broke his leg so badly just playing with the dogs. They were concerned that he may have a pathelogical break (a tumor or something wrong with the bone that weakens it). I told them that, Tucker was the dog that jumped out of the back of Ryans truck as he was driving! How could he survive that with no broken bones and break a leg playing with the dogs! They sent the xrays off to a radiology specialist to have her read it and see if she thought their was any tumors. She did not see any. We then took Tucker to Dr. Vernon at Kernersville Animal Hospital (they are great too!)to do the surgery, he said they would put a plate on the bone and pins. They did surgery on him this morning. Ryan called me at 8:15 with the news that Dr. Vernon had found a spot on his leg that he thought may be tumors. They took a sample of it and sent it off to be biopsied and since they didn't want to put a plate on it if it was cancer they just wired his leg to stabilize it. Hopefully by tomorrow we will have the results back for the tumor. It sure doesn't look good if it is cancer. Thats why we need everyone to pray for him.
Ryan has had Tucker since 2001. We started dating in 2004 and he has always been Ryan's buddy. I have gotten as attached to him as my other dogs. He is my buddy as well, all he ever wants to do is be with you and make you happy. We laugh at him because you can leave the door open to the basement (where his crate is for when it is too hot or cold for him to be outside) and he will run inside and get in his crate. Infact, Monday before all this happened we were out in the yard with him and Hoyt and we were playing with Hoyt and Tucker was sitting by the basement door waiting to go inside. He loves to be with people. He is so laid back, I tell everyone that he is the only one of the dogs that has any sense! He is our buddy and I don't know what we would do without him. He is the reason I saw Ryan for the first time (Ryan brought him in to Dr. Dixon's office where I was working at that time).
Please pray for him, and for Ryan. I know this is difficult for us. A lot of people don't understand how attached you can become to dogs, but they really are a part of our family. Anyways, please just keep them in your prayers. Thanks! Ill keep you updated.

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