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Friday, January 30, 2009

Tucker is home!

Tucker had surgery on Tuesday and I brought him home on Wednesday! His wound looks terrible but he doesn't know it! He has been dragging us everywhere! He doesn't know what SLOW DOWN means! He is so funny, still the same old Tucker! He follows us around everywhere and won't use the ramp I got him so he doesn't have to hop down the steps! I follow him around everywhere to make sure he doesn't fall and bust open the wound but so far he has been doing great, even on the hardwood floor which he slides on a little!
I am so happy that we did this, the first night was TOUGH! He whined and panted all night and didn't get any sleep... neither did I! We talked to his vet and we changed his meds around a little and gave it to him right before bed and from what I hear he slept all night! He is showing off for his dad... the first night he was home Ryan was at work and I slept on the floor beside him and he whined all night! However when his dad is home he behaves like an angel and I wasn't there to see it!

Tonight Ryan and I are going to see Bull Riding! SO excited! Its my favorite thing to watch!
We can't wait for the wedding, we have just about everything figured out for the wedding. The only thing we are lacking is a videographer. My mom, Nancy and I are going Saturday to pick out invitations! We just finished addressing all the save the dates and they are going out in the mail tomorrow! I can't wait for everyone to see it! We are so excited for everyone to come to this wedding... its going to be a blast! Nancy and Tommy's farm is so beautiful and we are going to have a great band and good food and lots of fun! We are so excited to see everyone! I have some pictures of us registering I am going to post on here this weekend... it was so funny! Ryan wouldn't turn over the scanner... I think he thought I may get too much girly stuff!

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