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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Thursday, February 5, 2009


As I promised a LONG time ago I am finally getting some pictures up from some of the wedding things we have been doing...

Cake tasting with Nancy and Kim (my sister). My mom was out of town and hated to miss it but she got to go to the other cake tasting with me!

Ryan and I opening our first wedding present!

Ryan and I went last week and picked out our wedding bands!

Last night Nancy and Tommy took Ryan, my mom and I out to dinner to celebrate our engagement! We went to dinner at Diamondback who is also catering our reception! It is going to be delicious!

All of us at dinner.

Nancy, Ryan, Casey and Tommy

Ryan, Me and my Mom

Ryan and I

Ryan and I

How sweet!

Kiss on the cheek!

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys... this is Brian Manuel's wife and we just wanted to let you know we got the "save the date" card and wish you both congratulations.